Product rules

Users of our mobile application (App) must abide by the following rules apply to the products which may be listed for sale on our site.

Products will be posted to our site under the following categories: Just for Mum (-to-be), feeding weaning, bathing and changing, clothing and footwear, toys games and books, furniture and bedding, Health, Travel, Safety and other.

Users must not advertise, buy, sell or supply through our site or App any of the following (or are related to the following):

  • Weapons or ammunition
  • Pornography (including, without limitation, magazines, books and recorded imagery) or any obscene indecent or sexually explicit material
  • Fake goods or those which generally breach the intellectual property right of a third party
  • Alcohol
  • Illegal drugs, steroids, or controlled substances
  • Legal drugs or medicines
  • Used items of underwear
  • Second hand items where it would be unsuitable or unhygienic for the second owner of that item to use it
  • Event tickets
  • Digitally delivered products
  • Items that are not fit for their usual purpose, unless the listing makes it clear to the reader that the item listed is defective with sufficient details to identify the damage to the item
  • Any item which encourages or facilitates criminal acts or civil wrongs
  • Breast pumps (Pathogens, Hep B)
  • Car seats (possibly already damaged in collision – cannot tell)
  • Bottles, teats and soothers
  • Bath products if not with instructions (risk if babies unattended)
  • Maternity bras and feeding bras (items into contact with Breastmilk (pathogens and Hep B)
  • Mattresses foam and otherwise (industry always recommend not to use second hand mattresses (urine and vomit pathogens)

Users must not use our site or App to advertise, buy, sell or supply services, intangible products or downloadable products.

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